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Strengthen your brain

Strengthen your brain

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All of us in our daily lives that we are dealing with a multitude of figures remember their most times it is difficult. effort to improve memory in response to this need is the twenty-first century.
Make sure you ask for is the difference between elected members and other scientific tests mean?
Experts answer to this question is clear:
the issue is. Many psychologists believe that the search in order to achieve greater intelligence needs of the era. “Kvrnlyv” famous psychologist in 1970 stated that a disabled person should wait millions of years of evolution over time and the intelligence structure is to be left brain. Similar ideas with other researchers working in the field of genetics and neuroscience pursuant to find genes involved in memory, intelligence and brain structures related to the chemical composition of the nervous system.
visualization science fiction
Some memory enhancing drugs currently prescribed for patients with impairment of the senses, such as Alzheimer’s. Family and friends of people with dementia in elderly people who have seen the existence of such drugs are welcome. However, some effective drugs to treat mental illness can increase certain group of brain functions and be used to improve its performance. The main example of a drug to treat children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are prescribed. Researchers believe that its use improves the educational aptitude test scores to measure the percentage score. In fact, by providing the Darvhabh market fiction film witted people in the world are embodied in front of our eyes. It is helpful to know the number of memory enhancing drugs by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved. These drugs are called general intelligence agents Shvnddr imagined the same time as long as several herbal medicines Tqvt memory is introduced and used.
identify chemical compounds memory
The nature of the transfer and storage of messages in the brain and how they recall process that has been the focus of attention of neuroscience. Doctor “Eric Kandel» Research from Columbia University, a pioneer in the field of the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded for research on learning and memory. He found that a protein called CREB activation enhances the contact between nerve cells and the formation of protein in protecting mice and fruit flies, plays a role.
One of the most effective chemical compounds in the field of clinical research and is now in the process of reviewing If all goes well in 2008 the market will be offered. Other substances such as adrenaline, caffeine Glvkzv also improve memory and brain performance of this material is quite clear.
Intelligence, legacies
Find architecture means for determining witted people have always been of interest to psychologists. multiple intelligences believe. g “many are called the results of 1904 has the” Spearman “has been approved and the common node between scientists and psychologists is that the” g “is responsible for the variation in individual intelligence test scores Ast.nkth Researchers in the study of brain structural characteristics (eg size, volume, etc.), many groups, including twins, relatives and strangers By scanning the brains of these individuals have been tested and given the differences in the MRI machine, the scientists were able to determine areas of genes are controlled by the brain, have been. The complete results of this research are clearly defined genetic background intelligence.
Future students doping test
Scientists predict that someday occupies shewas healthy people, including children, to boost the intelligence and mental readiness to take medication. use of drugs that have a brain or not. memories, grief of losing a loved one, or the deferred an emotional relationship “amnesia” is far more valuable.

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